I am Botond Veress.

A passionate full-stack developer & solution architect with 8+ years of experience in web development & cloud computing.
I am tech lead at Halcyon Mobile and freelancer at home.

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What I do

  • Backend development

    Monoliths or microservices

    API design

    Event-driven architecture

    Monitoring, alerting, error reporting and notifications

    Continous integration / delivery

    Leading or taking part of the entire application lifecycle

    Collecting & providing data that powers your business

  • Frontend development

    Web applications & presentation websites

    Pixel perfect implementation according to your design

    Responsive / mobile optimized / PWA

    Search Engine Optimization


    Deployments behind CDN

    Image optimization

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Reduce operating costs

    Reach customers globally

    Scale services vertically or horizontally

    Since every product is different, I can easily prepare a migration plan and we can work on it together to the fullest extent.

Let's break the ice!

Do you have a cool product idea in your mind and you are looking for someone to bring it to life? 👋 Feel free to get in touch with me!

If you don't like forms just drop me an e-mail at


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